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Road To Purity - is very simple game.

You have 3 lines that you can move on by tapping on appropriate screen side.

You control hero which task is avoid/attack demons (depends on your current situation and confidence that you can defeat them), to prepare for final Boss battle. And purge him from this cleansed land.

There are 2 types of interactions :

1) Bonus objective : simply collect it and either have your hp restored or depleted by some % amount.

2) Combat : pick your attack type (Axe or Cucumber) and pick your defense type (Chair or Pan), your enemy will do the same.

Its similar to rock & paper & scissors. Here Chair neglects Axe attack, and Pan neglects Cucumber attack. After successfully killing enemy you will get level/xp, which results in increase of maxHP, attack, and will heal you for some random amount.

YOU DON'T NEED TO FIGHT EACH NPC! while you are on low hp its better to avoid npc's and wait for bonus create to get healed. BOSS can appear at any moment of the game so if you are unlucky you will fail on your road to adventure and saving the world.

All code was written by me (nothing was copied from other projects/other sources). Assets used are mostly from Glitch asset public pack, except backGround which I made in graphic program.

The whole game project was completed in exactly 3 hours : 02 minutes. Only small amount of test's were performed that took several minutes of that Code time.


Road To Purity.apk 8 MB

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